Workshops & Cultural Activities


We would like to invite you to participate in one of our many cultural programmes:

  1. Poland at a glance (lecture, 90 min)

  2. Why Wrocław is a city of dwarfs (lecture, 90 min)

  3. How to make pierogi (workshop, 120 min)

  4. How to make makowiec (workshop, 120 min)

  5. Polish Christmas traditions (lecture & workshop, 120 min)

  6. A guide to Polish weddings (lecture & workshop, 120 min)

  7. Easter symbols and traditions (lecture & workshop with carving eggs, 120 min)

  8. Saint Andrew’s Day (workshop, 90 min)

  9. Carnival traditions in Poland – polonaise (dancing course, 90 min)

  10. Kupala Night - how to make flower crowns (lecture & workshop, 90 min)

  11. All The Saints Day (lecture, 90 min)

  12. 3th of May (history lesson, 90 min)

  13. Polish phonetics for beginners (workshop, 90 min)

InPolish Café

InPolish language café is a speaking club. Once a month, students and their friends meet to practice Polish under the teacher’s eye - this is a unique opportunity to share learning experiences related to language and culture, to resolve language doubts and to spend an interesting evening or afternoon, socializing. Our monthly meetings are held in famous Wrocław’s language bookshops or other interesting places, depending on the season.


Autumn and winter is the time of movie evenings and learning new facts about Polish cinema. The school organises visits to: the opera, the theatre, the philharmonic hall, and famous Wrocław exhibitions. If you are interested in participating in our monthly meetings, please contact us via the registration form.



Wrocław Events


If you want to attend cultural events but you need some introduction to the culture, our teachers will be happy to help you.


We have plenty of festivals in Wrocław. On the official website of Wrocław you will probably find some interesting events: